Some Dating Advice from Lydia Bennet About 6 Weeks into Her Relationship with Mr. Wickham

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everything that happens within the first 4–6 weeks of a relationship is indicative of exactly how that relationship is going to be forever.

I am just so grateful to be able to say after six weeks that Mr. Wickham is truly my other half and my partner. I’m only sorry I couldn’t see it sooner. Now we are on our way to Scotland to elope and my life is so full of love and laughter and lying to innkeepers.

Communication is key!

Practice Gratitude

Laughter is the Most Important Part of Any Relationship

I used to find myself bogged down with the mundane day-to-day details of my life: ribbons, dances, my father’s entire estate being entailed to a soggy kiss-ass cousin…

the second mrs. de winter

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